GIHS’s mission is to advance the learning skills of the students within a global context, by providing quality and affordable education and shaping generations of responsible global citizens.

The school will groom the citizens of tomorrow through an integrated education model that encompasses the development of their physical, academic, emotional and social competences. To us, every student is unique and he/she is respected and loved for his/her individuality. GIHS’s goal is to work with commitment coupled with professionals’ support in instilling into the students the values of honor and honesty, and also boost their self-confidence, aptitude, creativity and knowledge. Through our actions, we will actively advance the welfare of the community we serve.


We aspire to advance our standing as an outstanding educational provider in Dubai, furthering our reputation for good educational experiences at an affordable price that makes a difference in the lives of the students. We will be renowned for:

Quality Education: We will be known as leaders in both the relevant academic field as well as in management practices.
Adding Value: We will be known for creating excellent learning experiences in the kindergarten, primary and high school sections that provide a conducive environment for the pursuit of knowledge and classroom learning.
Community Service: We will be known for our desire to actively advance the welfare of the public communities.

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